Why Putlocker Is The Best Streaming Site

We know there are so many streaming sites and every single one of them is claiming that he's the best and it deserves to be the most popular site. In the majority of cases these are just lies and they are crappy sites who installed a free design theme, uploaded a few movies with low quality and they pretend to be good streaming platforms. This is not the case of PutLocker, a website with 10 years of work behind it, that passed the test of time and demonstrated everyone that it really deserves to be the best streaming site ever created. With clean and beautiful design, own logo and color scheme, personalized menus and new features, Putlocker have a real chance to become your favorite place where you can watch movies and series every day.

How To Watch Movies On Putlocker

As we previously said, with our latest updates and improvements now PutLocker is a very easy to use website and even somebody without any experience with this kind of sites will easily figure out how to watch because it's very intuitive. First of all, you have to search through our collection in order to find something good to watch. You can do that by either using our dedicated pages where the content is well organized or by typing the exact name of your movie in one of the search forms available on this site. After you have found something, just press the big play button from the middle of the screen and the movie will start running automatically. If there are any pops and ads appearing, just close them as fast as you can and continue watching your movie. We are sorry for any advertisement that might occur on PutLocker but this is not our fault, it's coming from the non-affiliate third party who is providing the video players and we don't have control over it.

Biggest Database Of Movies And Series

It wasn't easy but we managed, over time, to add new content in our database in order to make it the biggest, overshadowing other streaming sites. The current collection of PutLocker includes 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and nearly 60.000 episodes, being able to satisfy every consumer of movies and series online. All the content published here benefits of HD quality and English subtitles. The only exception regarding the video quality is when the newest movies are recorded in cinema with a camera and they are published like that for a few days/weeks until the HD version is released, so if you have a little patience you can watch even the latest movies in good quality. If not, you can still enjoy them in CAM quality.

Updates Every Day

We know how important is for the real fans to get access to the latest episode from their favorite tv show as fast as possible and that's why we have a team who is working 24/7 in order to publish the latest releases within a few minutes after they are streamed on tv or other networks. You can always come on PutLocker for the latest movies and series because we will always be here to update the database with fresh content so you can be the first one of your friends who watch the latest episodes from the most popular tv shows.